FEB 2018


Welcome to our Winter edition newsletter. With the days becoming shorter and darker, we hope to help you happily through the coming months. We offer a variety of therapies to prepare you for fighting off those nasty colds, flu and the winter blues from nutritional advice (see our “Focus On” Article below) to  relaxing aromatherapy massages. For those special presents don’t forget our gift vouchers or come and browse thought the books we offer for sale..this month we are also focussing on digital detox..see our Book of the Month.  

Book of the Month

Power Bowls: All You Need in One Healthy Bowl by Kate Turner  


Power Bowls is your bite-sized guide to the tastiest new health food trend. Healthy bowls are delicious, nutritious bowls packed with superfood ingredients to keep you energised all day. Pack your five-a-day into a bowl with 25 healthy bowl recipes that taste great and keep you feeling good.

Power Bowls fits in perfectly with your busy lifestyle with clear instructions and beautiful photography. Whether you're looking for quick eats or healthy dinners, Power Bowls is packed with superfood solutions for every meal, with recipes for breakfast, dinner, and even on-the-go. Get your daily fix of fruit, vegetables, and grains with quick and easy recipes to boost your energy the natural way.

Easy-to-make, versatile, and full of goodness, make Power Bowls your next superfood eat.  Book on sale now in reception On Sale at Reception

Echinacea drops and Throat Spray made with fresh Echinacea
 purpurea extract

Help Fight symptoms of colds and flu
Helps you boost your immune system|
Echinacea drops and Throat Spray

Try this Winter menu!

Roasted Sweet potato and carrot soup

500 g Sweet Potatoes peeled and cut into chunks
300g carrots peeled and cut into chunks
2 tbsp olive oil
2 onions chopped
1 L vegetable Stock
100ml crème fraiche

Heat oven to 200 c. put sweet potatoes and carrots and onions into roasting tin and drizzle with 2 tbsp olive oil. Roast for 25-30 mins.  When cooked cool slightly then put in blender until smooth. Stir in crème fraiche, season and reheat until hot.


Focus on:   Keith Graham


What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is named after American biochemist Dr Ida P Rolf who developed the method in the 1950’s. Rolfing Structural Integration uses hands-on manipulation and movement re-education to rebalance the body’s connective tissue network. Over ten carefully structured sessions, Rolfing unwinds layers of tissue strain, which may have built up over years due to injury, habitual movement patterns or emotional holding. 


What are some of the benefits you can expect?

Undergoing the full Rolfing series is like giving your body a 100,000-mile service and will improve posture, balance and muscle coordination for more energy and greater freedom of movement.

Rolfing and Rossiter System work can often bring long lasting relief from joint and myofascial pain even where other methods have failed.

Rolfing can improve posture, balance and freedom of movement

Rolfing brings greater self-awareness and a more positive self-image

With an 86% satisfaction score* Rolfing is one of the most effective methods for achieving long lasting change

Opportunities to “get Rolfed” are rare. There are currently only 20 Certified Rolfers practicing in the UK


What happens in a classic 10 series of Rolfing?

The Rolfing “Ten series” can be viewed as a basic recipe, which Rolfers follow to achieve their common goal of balancing the client’s body in gravity. However, individual Rolfers work in different ways and also recognise that each client is unique adapting the recipe to suit theirs and their client’s needs.


The following can be viewed as a general outline of the goals and procedure for each session.


SESSION ONE - Freedom to Breathe

In addition to starting work on any specific structural issues, the Rolfer aims to evoke a more balanced and efficient breathing pattern by freeing fascial restrictions around the torso, shoulders, neck and head.

SESSION TWO - Finding support

In this session the work is mainly with feet, lower legs and knees to establish a more stable and adaptive base of support for changes that will take place later on in the upper body.

SESSION THREE - Creating your space, owning your placeThe goal of this session is evoke a sense of volume and space in the body and to connect this with the client’s newly found sense of ‘grounding’ or ‘place’.  

SESSION FOUR - Finding your core, connecting earth to skyIn this session we begin working to establish a core of support in the legs, from the inner arches of the feet up the inside surfaces of the legs to the pelvic floor.

SESSION FIVE - The next step for humankind, walking with grace and easeThe theme of session five is to teach walking with ease. Connecting the legs to the spine through iliopsoas muscle and using the ‘spinal engine’ greatly improves efficiency and lessens stress and strain on the lumbar spine and hip flexors (so often the cause of low back pain).

SESSION SIX- Freeing the spineThe goal of the Rolfer in this session is to continue the work started in session five by working with restrictions in the back, the legs and pelvis to enhance awareness of the 2-way flow of subtle movement to the spine.

SESSION SEVEN - Getting the head on straight! If you have trouble saying “Yes” or “No” or suffer with continual back ache, eye strain, TMJ problems, headaches or vertigo then it may just be because your head is in the wrong place. Balancing the head on the shoulders is vital piece of the jigsaw in bringing a body into line with gravity.

SESSION EIGHT & NINE - Putting it all back together Rolfing does not seek perfection, just the best that the body will allow in its present state of being. To this end the Rolfing process puts a vast amount of new information into the body in terms of changed structural relationships and new movement possibilities. In these two sessions the Rolfer must make sure that all of this new information is integrated to the best effect by the client and that the client has a clear idea of what might be thrown away and what might be usefully explored further.

SESSION TEN - ClosureA place to finish any structural integration and also review the entire series and discuss a strategy for maintenance and ongoing improvement over the months and years ahead.

SUBSEQUENT WORK The work of Rolfing and the new body awareness that it evokes, continues to bring change long after the series is finished. It is better, therefore, to wait a few months to see where the body wants to go before receiving more work. After this initial rest period, however, it is perfectly OK to schedule occasional sessions whenever you feel the need.


Personal info

As a 30 year student of Tai Chi, Keith has developed a sensitivity and an understanding of how to work with the subtle energies of the body, as a Rossiter stretching coach he is also able to work with heavier clients or highly toned athletes who may need a very strong touch, and as a Certified Rolfer, Keith has a unique vision of the bodies fascinating connective tissue system and has learned to see and feel exactly which approach is appropriate and to encourage each individual he sees to move towards balance and freedom.


Keith Graham is a Certified Advanced Rolfer & Rolf Movement Practitioner,  Equine Structural Integrator,  Rossiter System Stretching Coach and Senior instructor and Hon Vice President of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.


Fees and treatments offered

Rolfing Structural Integration, Rolfing Movement re-education, Rossiter Stretching Fee - £80  Session Duration - 60 minutes


For more information please go to

To book a session please call Keith on 07799333804



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